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Functions List

Here you can find all functions supported on Decipad.

Date Functions

contains[Range] contains [Date]Checks if a specific date is within a given range.
pick()pick(Date, [year/month/day])Extracts the year, month, or day from a given date.
round()round(Date, [year/month/day])Adjusts the precision of a date. It is useful when you want to perform calculations based on the month or year instead of a specific day.

Finance Functions

compoundrate()compoundrate(Rate, Number of Periods)Calculates the compound rate over a specified number of periods based on a constant rate.
futurevalue()futurevalue(Rate, Number of Periods, Initial Amount)Calculates the future value of an investment considering the total number of periods, initial amount, and a constant interest rate.
netpresentvalue()netpresentvalue(Discount Rate, Future Cashflows Column)Calculates the net present value of an investment based on a list or column of periodic cash flows and a discount rate.
paymentamounts()paymentamounts(Rate, Number of Periods, Amount)Calculates the annual payment amount of a loan considering the borrowed amount, the number of repayment periods, and a constant interest rate.

Number Functions

abs()abs(Number)Returns the absolute value of a number, removing the negative sign if present.
acos()acos(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.
asin()asin(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.
atan()atan(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.
cos()cos(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.
factorial()factorial(Number)Computes factorials, which are commonly used in probability calculations.
getunit()getunit(Number)Removes the units from a number, allowing you to work with the numbers alone.
ln()ln(Number)Calculates the natural logarithm of a given number.
mod[Number] mod [Number]Calculates the remainder when one number is divided by another.
round()round(Number, [Precision])Rounds a number to a specified number of decimal places or to the nearest whole number.
sin()sin(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.
sqrt()sqrt(Number)Calculates the square root of a given number.
stripunit()stripunit(Number)Retrieves the units of a given number.
tan()tan(Angle)Computes trigonometric functions for angles.

Table Functions

average()average(Column)Calculates the average of a column.
averageif()average(Column, Column Condition)Calculates the average of a column given a condition.
concatenate()concatenate(Table, Table)Combines two tables into a new table.
count()count(Column)Counts the number of rows in a column.
countif()countif(Column, Column Condition)Counts the number of rows in a column given a condition.
filter()filter(Table, Condition)Filters table rows based on a condition.
first()first(Column)Extracts the first element from a column.
grow()grow(Initial, Rate, Column)Calculates the compound growth of an initial value across rows.
last()last(Table.Column)Extracts the last element from a column.
lookup()lookup(Table, Condition)Finds a row that matches a condition from a table.
max()max(Column)Calculates the largest number from a column of numbers or the most recent date from a column of dates.
min()min(Column)Calculates the smallest number from a column of numbers or the earliest date from a column of dates.
previous()previous(InitialValue, [Column])References the previous value within a table.
reverse()reverse(Table)Reverses the order of rows or a single column.
sort()sort(Column)Reorders a column in ascending order.
stepgrowth()stepgrowth(Column)Calculates the change between values in a column.
sum()sum(Column)Calculates the sum of a column.
sumif()sumif(Column, Condition)Calculates the sum of a column given a condition.
unique()unique(Column)Extracts the unique values from a column.